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[DISCUSSION] Headcanons about different Pokemon..?
According to Urban Dictionary: 
Headcanons are unofficial ideas you have about a franchise.headcanon
Used by followers of various media of entertainment, such as television shows, movies, books, etc. to note a particular belief which has not been used in the universe of whatever program or story they follow, but seems to make sense to that particular individual, and as such is adopted as a sort of "personal canon". Headcanon may be upgraded to canon if it is incorporated into the program or story's universe

What are your headcanons about different Pokemon?  Here are a few of mine: 

* Milotic is fluffy like a seal instead of scaly like a fish. That makes it cuter.  **I'm ignoring that Marvel Scale ability. **

* Mimikyu is just a disguised Shroomish.  Everyone knew that at first but just decided to go along with the disguise because it made the Shroomish happy.  It's sort of an open secret but generally considered impolite to bring up.  People who catch a glimpse of its true form pretend that it's terrifying. 

* Alice in Wonderland took place in the Pokemon world.  The white rabbit was really a Blissey, and the Cheshire Cat was really an Espeon.  (The animals in that book do seem SUSPICIOUSLY a lot like Pokemon!)

* Shiny Pokemon tend to be kind of outcasts in their packs, which is why they show up so late when they're being chained.  Trainers tend to coddle them and make a big fuss over them which is a huge change for them.  They tend to be a bit shy and reticent until they get used to being around humans. 

* Milotic and Gyarados are closely related species, with Milotic having originated with Magikarp who basically got stranded in the little streams near to Fortree.

* Wigglytuff and Blissey are related, too, like basically cousin species or something. So is Clefable but a little bit more distantly. 

* There aren't many Gyarados in the wild because people keep the Magikarp away from things they could train against to evolve,  even moving them to other waterways. People don't want rampaging Gyarados in their local streams.  That's why there are so many Magikarp around but very few Gyarados.

Any ideas you have?
- Kahili is Winona's daughter. She uses flying types, and a Skarmory of all Pokemon much like Winona. Not a lot of evidence but I like the theory.

- Ash's father is Bruno. Bruno trains around Pallet Town, has really similar black spiky hair, can act childish at times, but is strong when needed and he loves eating. On top of that, Bruno is seen on the T.V. in episode 1 of the first season. The reason Bruno doesn't recognize Ash, and vice-versa, is due to them meeting only when Ash was a baby.

edit: just realized this was for Pokemon species lol, my bad
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Clearly Feebas is the 'ugly duckling' of the magikarp family, which is why it turns into an adorable...whatever Milotic is.

Also, if Gengar is a damned soul of a dead human or something, Clefable is probably secretly a pure soul of a dead person...which evolves from slightly less pure souls. This got dark real quick 
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Luvdisc is more closely related to Gorebyss than to Alomomola. Luvdisc and Gorebyss are both pink aquatic Pokemon who have sleek looking designs, both turn gold in their Shiny form, both get Swift Swim and Hydration as abilities and both are from Hoenn.
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If non-species theories are okay here, I think that Grimsley from the Unova Elite Four is somehow related to the mysterious Dragon type trainer Ryuki that appears in Sun and Moon. My reasons are that they look kinda similar, have a similar mischevous grin and body type. Kinda like Grimsley is the more responsible older brother (Dark-type) and Ryuki is the rebellious younger brother (Dragon-type).
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On that topic, I think that Ryuki may be Lance in disguise (dragons, disguise, kanto connection, similar hair) but I might be mistaken.
@Chansey Hmm, I think Ryuki looks far too sinister with his eyes and grin compared to anime and in-game sprites of Lance to be Lance in disguise. It's really only that they both have spikey hair, the length and colour is quite different Undecided However, considering Lance's homeregion is Johto (Blackthorn City), and that there is quite the hype on Crystal re-release/Inclusion in US/UM, its possible Blush
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