Poll: What Generation had the best overall OST
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Generation 1 [RBGY]
0 0%
Generation 2 [GSC]
2 18.18%
Generation 3 [RSE/FRLG]
2 18.18%
Generation 4 [DPPt/HGSS]
4 36.36%
Generation 5 [BW/B2W2]
2 18.18%
Generation 6 [XY/ORAS]
1 9.09%
Generation 7 [SuMo/USUM]
0 0%
Total 11 vote(s) 100%
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[DISCUSSION] Man Pokémon nailed that Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Wild Battle Theme
Pokémon music is incredible, be it Battle! Champion Cynthia or Unwavering Emotions, Pokémon always had awesome music that reached out to us. Today's question: What Pokémon music stood out to you the most? Thanks for participating and have a fantastic day.

As for me, my favorite Pokémon music is Battle! Champion Iris from Pokémon Black Version / White Version 2. It's my favorite Champion battle in all of Pokémon simply because of how challenging it gets with the Hard Mode key on. The instruments work so well and it makes it feel like a real Champion battle.
To Each Future We Go
I can't really decide, but all songs can be improved with a saxophone. 

- Nobody suspects the saxophone inquisition!
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Agreed, saxophone is awesome
To Each Future We Go
Wallys theme, I played R/S/E before gen 6 came out, and he was way too easy for me, so I didn't grind up in ORAS, because I thought he would be easy..

queue epic music
And I forgot to tag users... Dodgy

Ok tagging @Slec @Chansey and @ChaseInfinity
To Each Future We Go
Gen 2.  It felt so mysterious but relaxing.
RSE battle music will never leave me. Played that game for so long and heard it so many times.

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