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[DISCUSSION] Missing Male / Female Evolution Lines
What Pokemon do you think Need/Deserve a Male/Female evolution line?

Perfect examples are Primarina, Mawile and Goldeen. They have female-inspired designs, however a male counterpart is possible.

Undersea Mermen are also told in legends just as Mermaids are. Gardevior (another female design), gained more male-centric form,  so Primarina can hold this same flexibility.
[Image: Primarina-pokemon.jpg]

Goldeen clearly looks like a Queen fish, but can be male. Seaking is the reverse---it can be a female but it's name clearly has a male implication. Just as Pikachu's male/female genders have slight variation, they could pull it off for Goldeen/Seaking far as differing the eyes, horn and maybe color tint. Same with Mawile, just to distinguish each gender in their lines. 
[Image: 250px-303Mawile.png][Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQkMwxvs8UclIoG0fGnuAw...8JUN06i_2w]

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