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[DISCUSSION] News from Pokemon Direct 6.5.2019
(Jun 26, 2019, 07:42 AM)Black Waterfall Wrote: Oh boy, what the heck is happening to Game Freak?  Sad

No national dex, no mega evolution, no Z move, no competitive battling as we know it. I am afraid I can't say that I am still excited about this game.

Yes we will have over 1,000 total Pokémon after Gen 8. Yes we will now show you how to transfer so you can play with your favourites. Yes we will restrict the amount of people that *can* play with their favourites. Yes we will say the power of the console is higher than any in the past. Yes we will use “animations” of low quality, far worse than those of 13 years ago. Yes we will have graphics that seem realistic next to cartoonish graphics for the same kind of thing. Yes we will use multiple N64 and Gamecube graphics, as well as have clipping, floating objects. Yes, Miyamoto stated that delayed games are eventually better than those rushed. Yes we will address these issues. No, we will likely not even add updates or DLC, but instead save some past Pokémon for future switch titles. We may even pull as much of a taunt as the OR/AS Battle Frontier Project! Who knows!?

nIcE oNe!1!

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