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[DISCUSSION] Pokemon 2018 Predictions
It may seem a bit early to make any predictions yet but I've got some really good feelings about this year in terms of Pokemon. So I'm going to drop 3 things I think are extremely likely to happen. Let's see if my predictions hold up as they did for Pokken, most of the Pokemon Direct in June of last year, GS Virtual Console and even Crystal Version's release.

1. Pokemon "Switch" will be revealed during E3 2018

Last year, we got confirmation of a new main series Pokemon title being worked on for the Switch. If rumors are correct, it had started being worked on since 2015-2016. Now, E3 has never revealed a Pokemon game, but here's the kicker with this one, E3 2017 is when we got confirmation of it. So, an E3 2018 reveal seems imminent. Do not expect it to be released 2018 however. I can say with utmost certainty that Pokemon "Switch" will not be released until early or mid 2019. 

2. The first Pokemon title on the Nintendo Switch will be revealed soon, and it's....

So, if Pokemon "Switch" won't be released in 2018, we still need another Pokemon title on the Switch. Don't worry, I believe we will be seeing this title emerge really soon, possibly in the January Nintendo Direct (unconfirmed as of now). The title is going to be a spin off game, and the most likely candidate is Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. The other titles could easily include Pokemon Trozei or Pokemon Rumble.

3. The Switch's "Virtual Console" will add Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald to the library

Pokemon RSE are games loved by many, so the demand to see them on the Virtual Console is understandable. Will it happen? Yes, most likely. Looking at release dates, expect a January, February or April announcement and a release in June or November.

Ok that's all for now see you
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