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[DISCUSSION] Pokemon Let's Go: A Perfect Idea
So as I've been observing, many people are turned off by Pokemon Let's Go, naturally so, it's Gen 1 pandering, mechanics not in the main series games, but love it or hate it, Pokemon Let's Go may very well be the smartest move by Game Freak ever, and here's why.

Catering to both Audiences 

Believe it or not, it's been a struggle for Game Freak to cater to the casual and hardcore fans in the main series games. This ultimately all started with Generation 6 and has since gotten worse. Unless you live under a Crustle, you'll know that the biggest complaint with Generation 6 is it's main adventure is far too easy. And it really is, once you get Greninja, everything after the 4th Gym in XY is so laughably easy, you get two free Mega Pokemon, Lucario having Adaptability makes Gyms a breeze, and the Elite 4 and Champion don't ever get stronger. I could rant about XY but that can be discussed later. Generation 7, while certainly upping the difficulty a bit, held our hands way too much, showing us type matchups constantly in game, with no way to turn it off. Competitive Pokemon is not easy to get into, many players get turned off by the training mechanics, and VGC is getting stale. This has ultimately split the community, "hardcore fans" such as myself may complain that the games don't appeal to us due to how easy or in the case of XY, how bland they are where as "casual fans" will complain that many aspects are still very tedious to learn. A casual fan may enjoy XY over say BW2 because the games are much easier to pick up. So how do you address a problem like this? Well that's where Let's Go comes in. Let's Go is very obviously marketed to casual players -- specifically Pokemon GO players, in an attempt to introduce them to the core series. We don't even have to wait and I can tell you these games will be extremely successful. The games are very vibrant and look alive, that alone will draw in many players. The lack of wild battles should have been obvious, at least to me, as the whole weakening a Pokemon to just the right spot and hoping RNG favors you would turn off GO players who have learnt the catching mechanics from said game, but with Trainer battles, they can still get the hang of proper battles. If the Pokemon GO Gym Battles were there, we'd have a problem. If you're worried about Pokemon Let's Go's features making into Gen 8, fear not, Masuda clearly stated in a recent interview that the features of Pokemon Let's Go will remain unique to just these games, and that they hope to give the Gen 8 games no casualizaion to appeal to long time fans. In my opinion, depending on the success of Let's Go, we should see future remakes like this for Crystal, Emerald and so on, that way Game Freak can forever appeal to both casual and hardcore fans. I'm not at all attempting to curve anyone's opinions but after seeing the hate Let's Go received, I felt like talking about this.
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I mean, hardcore pokemon fans will buy the game no matter what and casual fans, like pokemon go fans, will buy it because it looks appealing to them. This was a test run. As long as the mechanics aren't permanent, I'm on board.

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