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[DISCUSSION] Pokemon's Best Females
Contrary to popular belief, my favourite PokeGirl is NOT Anabel. Who is it? You're gonna have to wait to find out. Anyway. Pokemon has always had a mix of characters who are all interesting in their own right. except Shauna But by far the most popular characters are the females, otherwise dubbed, "PokeGirls". So today's question is pretty obvious. Who's your favourite PokeGirl and why? Thanks for participating and have a fantastic day.

[Image: Cryskris.png]

As for me, my favourite PokeGirl, and all around favourite character, is Kris, the female protagonist from Pokemon Crystal. Kris stands as the first PLAYABLE FEMALE CHARACTER in Pokemon. Introduced in Generation 2's Pokemon Crystal, she has one of the coolest designs for a female character I've seen, and always stood as my favourite since day 1 of Pokemon Crystal. She has never made an appearance outside of Pokemon Crystal and it kinda sucks honestly. Another reason is becausebike shorts ftw

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Personally I was always interested in Cynthia. Her anime character was great. Her pokemon were impressive. She was a champion! She has been my favorite champion of any of the series. Male or female.
I think Lillie is my favorite so far. She's a bit annoying in the anime but in the game she's my favorite character, she's just so kind and sweet  Heart  I was really sad towards the end when she left for Kanto, the way she grew throughout the game made me really attached to her.
Uugh how could I possibly decide...... Cynthia because she is just wonderful on so many different levels..... Hilda cause she's just got this boss assb**ch thing goin on, probably cause I think she's supposed to be a bit older? Solana cause like hey bike shorts FTW!! And Olivia is just as cool as they come ~ But I gotta say I got a love for May <3

- and an honorable mention for Mulva
for the Seinfeld episode of course xD
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Sabrina in gen 1 was pretty badass. Also Jasmine from Olivine city was good too. Olivine is one of my favourite cities in Pokemon and the quest to get the medicine for her Ampharos was one of the best in gen 2. Probably either one of those.
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(Sep 1, 2017, 11:46 AM)stephenWITNESS Wrote: Sabrina in gen 1 was pretty badass. Also Jasmine from Olivine city was good too. Olivine is one of my favourite cities in Pokemon and the quest to get the medicine for her Ampharos was one of the best in gen 2. Probably either one of those.

Gotta agree, I've always liked Jasmine
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Misty and Jessie. #oldschool Misty is just likeable, and Jessie is too, in her own way (although I do like James and Meowth a bit more......  I want a talking cat, too..! Sad  I do think Jessie is basically decent at heart though. She'll someday reform.  They all will.  I hope.)  Back to Misty...  Misty's bug phobia is funny and relatable to me.  Like, she's not afraid of the apocalypse of the Guardian of the Sea or Mewtwo destroying the world,  but she freaks out over bugs.  That's me.  Misty is me. Lol. And she uses water types and the cutesy Togepi.  I like her design, too.  I think on some level maybe I just like redheads...  haha.  It's a pretty hair color!

I also like Claire, Sapphire, and Kris.  Claire is awesome and seems like a just-as-cool female counterpart of Lance.  Also,  I love her cool outfit!  Smile  And dragons are a great type.  Sapphire because I'm a Hoenn nut and I love get design.  Really cool outfit in they original gen3 games. Kris because of everything listed above. 

Oh, and old!Shelley, before they made her gl*a°▪m0r♡us and pretty. I liked her as the tomboyish Ariel-expy better!  ;__;  But I do love the new Archie design so...  I wish they'd changed him but not Shelley. Myfeelz.  He just seems like a more Indian-looking Captain Nemo expy, but Shelley really feels like a different character entirely, and that's what bugs me.  She's too MarySue-ish and glamorous and not piratey enough now.  (In case you think I'm joking about the expys, in the anime when blueorb!Archie loses, they literally redraw the scenes in the Disney movie where Ariel rescues Eric, but with Pokémon chars.  And in the game Archie literally quotes Nemo- who's a popular character in Japan thanks to the Fushigi no Umi no Nadia anime- at one point.  Pokemon only expys from the very best writers.  I love them. Lol)  10.0/10.0 just enough water.
@Chansey It's the same for me w/ Courtney. Only I adore her redesign but why oh why is she an android?
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Lana's personality in the Sun and Moon anime really speaks to me, as she is individualistic in the sense that she seems to know what's important to her and she seems to value inner peace. This is also reflected in the symbolism that is her love for Water-types and the Ocean. Other then that, I like Karen from gen 2, probably because I like Dark-types and she is rather cool as well. Although she is quite anonymous and has no anime appearance to my knowledge, which is sad Undecided Cynthia seems like a female equivalent to Steven Stone, a really well-rounded character and a trainer with many good traits Blush Glacia is an honourable mention, cause she has a Tuxedo-Mask-from-Sailor-Moon-feel about her

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