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[DISCUSSION] Presenting, a new Nuzlocke Challenge
Tired of the regular Nuzlockes we have? Well take a listen to this. Adventure-Locke, a Nuzlocke in which you pick a protagonist character from a saga of the amazing Pokemon manga, Pokemon Adventures from the game you are playing and play through the game using only the team your chosen character used in the manga. Go to Bulbapedia's Pokemon Adventures page and find the "Characters" section, pick a protagonist and find their Pokemon "on hand". These will be the Pokemon you use. They must be the same Gender and have the same nickname as the Adventures counterparts were. For example, you could play Pokemon LeafGreen and choose to play as Blue, {Green in English}, and using her team of; Jiggly (Wigglytuff), Ditty (Ditto), Blasty (Blastoise), Clefy (Clefable), Nido (Nidoqueen) and Ririri (Jigglypuff). It's a cool idea and gives you an opportunity to use Pokemon you may have never used before. I'm playing Pokemon Crystal with, of course, Crystal's team {Check it out here} and I'm having a ton of fun, I've never used Xatu before, for example. Standard Nuzlocke rules apply, if a Pokemon faints it's dead etc. As for HMs, if the main team can't learn specific HMs, you must only catch a Pokemon who can learn said HM if your character has caught it in the Manga, and if there is still no Pokemon there, then you can catch a spare that can learn it. Let me know what you think, both me and new member @CrystaleeMew are enjoying our Crystal Adventure-Locke so far.
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Pokemon Adventures is so awesome!

This is a very interesting and creative Nuzlocke Challenge. Actually, as an enthusiastic Fire-type lover, I always play following a very simple pseudo-Nuzlocke Challenge of my own: playing exclusively with a monotype Fire party (except HM slaves, when I cannot proceed otherwise). OMG I lost to Brock and Misty so many times with my Charmander back in Gen I.

Anyway, my point is: Nuzlocke Challenges really makes our Pokemon adventures more intersting. I'd be very interested in hearing you guy's game experiences, @Kris and @CrystaleeMew Big Grin
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I am having a lot of fun playing through this Adventure-Locke. I did get to use Pokemon I have never used before like Arcanine and Parasect, if you are intrested with this honestly give it a try. Who knows maybe you'll have a new favorite pokemon by the end off it, like with Arcanine I think he was a cool Pokemon but not one I would've consider battling with, but now after seeing how powerful and how good of a Pokemon he was, he is one of my top 10 favorite mons. Thank you @Kris for suggesting the idea so early in the game!  Big Grin
But I have to say one thing... I kinda broke the rules with Megaree's death... Uhm please don't hurt me

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