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[DISCUSSION] Satoshi and Nagetukesaru (Passimian)
Will Ash get one ?

What are your thoughts about it ?

Sun Moon ep 64: Satoshi had gone to the marketplace to shop when he ran into a group of the "Teamwork Pokémon" Nagetukesaru. It appears that groups of Nagetukesaru living on different islands have started arguing, and are now fighting over who will be the boss of the entire flock. The group Satoshi met lives on one of the islands that lost, and when he looks at them, he feels he can't just ignore them, so he does his best to cheer them on.

I had hoped he would get together with the new poison poipo a Dragon Fighter (but since Poipo is kind of related in case of type of the fighter dragon i suppose he won't unless he doesn't get poipoo)

Though i wonder why he still doesn't have a Water mon
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I hate Passimian, so I hope not. IT'S SO NON-KAWAII.~☆°`~ Sad  (No offense to people who like it, it just doesn't fit my "tiny fluffy and pink" aesthetic.)
He will. But really, he needs Poipole already
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