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Do you guys think we will get starters? Honestly I think Eevee would make a great first companion.
Yeah, Eevee would make an awesome starter pokèmon. Cool
Well.... I would say they are proably giving you a choice on a pokemon depending on which country you live in. I would also love Eevee as a starter but a good starter(s) would be :



Pokemon starters (depends on where you live)



Buizel and Aipom and Maybe Chatot?
Eevee would make more sense to me. especially if you had to find stones.
that be nice, that is if they even give you a starter pokemon, if they do then Eevee is a good idea or it could be something like a selected randomizer of pokemon and they let you choose 1 of three of them, that way you will not see like millions of starter 1 pokemon in your area, essentially to keep it unique for the most part.
Maybe each continent has different starters? For example: North America has Kanto starters, Australia has Johto? Then the airport would be a huge trading and battling spot.
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(Feb 22, 2016, 10:46 AM)Johnnyspyguy Wrote: Maybe each continent has different starters? For example: North America has Kanto starters, Australia has Johto? Then the airport would be a huge trading and battling spot.

Maybe North America will get Sinnoh starters? I feel that Japan should get Kanto starters since that's where Pokemon first started and Kanto region is where Pokemon started off as well, so.
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I would be okay with Riolu as a starter. More than likely though it will be a Pikachu.
cant say till we learn more. I will say that if they did, then im sure that the whole location bias be a great way to separate and determine what starter is given where, though im not sure if it be at the very start of game or if it will be only given during events or just pure luck as you play the game. though if you ask me i kinda dont want a starter pokemon, especially if it will be something Everyone in my state or country will have same 3 picks, i can just see people who have siblings being total garys and see you picked charmander so they pick squirtle. I kinda want to be able to be almost like a safari ball at least for first time maybe, where i catch a pokemon by pure luck, after that i can battle ect. besides that way things be a lot more interesting when you meet someone out of town and you battle as you all have different pokemon keeping things mysterious.
Yes yes, Every country can get Riolu, Eevee, Pikachu, or normal starters. But pleeeease! Bring me some Deerling starters! I want it in my life! It was going to school and everything! [Image: autumn_deerling_by_kanymon-d4c8jfm.png] Or, Shinx would be cool too! Do it for Sinpai. [Image: shinx.jpg]

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