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[DISCUSSION] Sun and Moon post reflection
I want to talk about a reflection of Sun and Moon since they've released and what are your thoughts of gen 7 as a whole.Since SuMo have been out for around half a year what are your thoughts on it since finshing the game.Like do you like the meta, mechanics or something like that.Have you enjoyed Alola and the many things it brought since  ive seen some people calling SuMo dead or a bad game.What are your thoughts?

 For me Gen 7 took alot of things that made playing the game fun and threw them out the window.For a casual player and shiny hunter I think Alola has been the least welcoming in everything.The story was great and all but the after game lacks servere.For me the post game of XY were somewhat better since alot of things in that were more casual.They really made the grinding bp a nightmare with the battle tree.As more of a shiny hunter I think this gen is trash with the methods they introduced.I like the idea of ally chaining but with someone who doesnt have the most attention span I think its just a pain.By what I mean is that you have to get to a 70 chain before getting the best odds and thats annoying when you try to chain some diffcult mons like snorut with its critcal hits or something that just fustrates me.Also that imo it should get the best odds when just starting the chain and not grinding to 70 before getting the best odds.I liked it in gen 6 where you get the same odds if you just start searching.And ally chaining is the only method besides masuda which gets boring over sometime.As far as the meta is its okay.But my only issue is lierally seeing a stragey so much like swagger marowak under misty terrain just hittng the button to win.I just dont like seeing the same stragey where you do this and win.Kinda just copy and pasting or just doing the same thing over and over.Overall I just hope we get out of alola and get something better

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