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[DISCUSSION] Tips for a Living Dex?
I started my quest for a regular, non-shiny living dex a couple of weeks ago and I've so far made it 50% through. I was speeding past the first 300 pokemon or so and I feel myself slowing down. So, the question is, are there any tips you have for filling out the living dex? I know there are some people that have filled out their own dex and just wanted to know if there are any faster ways to complete it.
Honestly, play other games and put all your captures together. Since you gen a lot I can only assume you have bank, but if not it's worth the 5 bucks a year. I dunno about you but I own a game from every generation but two, so if I catch everything I can in every game and pool them all together I could do it easily. Don't know how I didn't think about that until just now lmao

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I know it'd be way too easy to ask in the community, but I could get you anything you need. Don't forget about that code scanner thingie that I never use but is in the game.
@ScottyThunder Thanks, I never thought about that. I was basically relying on gts and breeding down pokemon.
@AverageJoe Thanks for the offer, but I want to do this without any assistance (makes it more satisfying when I finish). The island scan would be a good idea to get all of the starters

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