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[DISCUSSION] Top 5 Gen 2 Shinies That Shouldn't Have Changed
Hi. As y'all know, I collect Shiny Pokemon, and me and my brother are actually currently aiming to collect every Shiny in Gold & Silver legitimately. I was looking at the list of Pokemon's Shiny sprites, and god damn was I shocked. So many Gen 2 Shiny Pokemon look better, in my and my brother's opinions anyway, than the Gen 4+ variants of those Pokemon. Here's a list of 5 Pokemon that really stood out to us as wtf changes.

No. 1: Wartortle

[Image: wartortle.png] - [Image: wartortle.png]

Oh boy Wartortle. Warortle's Gen 2 Shiny was radical. Not only did it's shell become green, but it's carapace gained a green coloring too. It's skin became a different blue color and really stood out as a shiny. Gen 4 Wartortle copies this, but... he has an orange carapace. I mean, they change the carapace in it's shiny still, so why not keep it green? Very odd choice in my opinion.
[Image: bjrq9UN.png]
No. 2: Noctowl

[Image: noctowl.png] - [Image: noctowl.png]

Noctowl's original Shiny gave it a green body and red wings, along with white plumage on it's head and a white beak. It didn't change too much but the new shiny Noctowl looks really off putting to me, I don't think that specific shade of green suits Noctowl at all and the white plumage is far superior in my opinion.
[Image: DqUZXkd.png]
No. 3: Dugtrio

[Image: dugtrio.png] - [Image: dugtrio.png]

This one disappoints me so much. OG Shiny Dugtrio had blue dirt. BLUE DIRT FFS! WHAT THE HELL GF!? Now we get stuck with arguably the lamest Gen 1 Shiny ever. I don't understand how Game Freak thought it was a good idea to make it look like there was no effort put into this shiny. It's change is the one reason I haven't hunted it in Gen 4 or beyond. I just don't understand why they changed it.
[Image: 6CZFSq6.png]

No. 4: Typhlosion

[Image: typhlosion.png] - [Image: typhlosion.png]

Anyone who owns a Shiny Typhlosion in Gen 2 should keep it in Gen 2, because seriously, this change was one of the worst changes ever. How they went from such a cool shiny to, well, trash, confuses me. Typhlosion's Shiny is the only one of the original Gen 2 Starter shinies that stood out as epic, I personally prefer Feraligatr however, but then they ruined it. Had it at least have kept it's black fur it may have stood out from the rest but, alas, they didn't.
[Image: s1pHnGR.png]
Honorable Mentions

[Image: girafarig.png] - [Image: girafarig-f.png]

[Image: DghS4kgg.png]
[Image: rapidash.png] - [Image: rapidash.png]

[Image: KZM2g7Mg.jpg]
No. 5: Magcargo

[Image: magcargo.png] - [Image: magcargo.png]

This. This, always this. I love Gen 2 Magcargo's Shiny, and expected this epic blue when I hunted it in Pokemon X. I was appalled when met with a magenta that doesn't suit it at all. Gone is the blue flame too. What a horrible change in my opinion. A shame too, not only is Magcargo bad competitively, but even it's Shiny can't save it. Sigh.
[Image: ZCNTMGV.png]

Welp. that's my list. Do you agree? What shiny do you think shouldn't have changed? Let me know below.
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There's two #1s?

Also #BringBackTheBlueDirt
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Huh. Never realized their was some Gen 2 shiny differences. Also, good luck getting all those shinies!
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