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[DISCUSSION] Trainer Cards
hi there everyone anyone want any trainer cards made for them well i can make them (not complicated ones like a team of mons) i have made these for myself most if you have pinterest you can check out the board i made showing a few ive made for myself but ill post one of my favs i just made . just comment your request (A photo i can easily find on the internet without using photoshop) then also in one comment your fc and ign. ill msg you when its done . also one per person and console. ill keep this thread open for a month or so and ill close it for a bit then open it again. 
here is one i made recently for myself.

 [Image: 7760c0389d728577d6090519a2f5d4f4.jpg] 
[Image: 4f8eb67ca1564592aa73d3b27ae7272a.jpg] here is another one 
Lol the guy in the bottom trainer card looks like the full metal alchemist

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