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I have used one and they are fun
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I haven’t used one but want too
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I haven’t used one and hope I never have too
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[DISCUSSION] Virtual Reality
Hey guys! Today I’m starting a thread about VR (Virtual Reality). I just bought one of amazon. I was wondering if you guys have ever used one or have one. Did you enjoy using it? Are they all “made equally” (Are they all good). I bought a 40$ one hoping it would be better then the 20$ ones.

Welp, that’s all I needed to say. See ya Later Pokémon Forever!
I’m back!
I love the concept of VR, because that's what us computer-nerds live for, but I honestly hate how badly a lot of VR experiences and games are done. There's a gladiator game called Gorn which I like for the main reason that it lets you move freely. Most VR things either have automatic movement or some wierd teleporting system like Skyrim VR which is quite immersion breaking.

It's still better than augmented reality in my opinion, though, so have fun.
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VR looks amazing! I can't afford to get anything like it at the moment, but I definitely want to get one. Just imagine being able to play games like Halo, Gta, Red Dead, Mario Kart and so many more, like that. Can't wait until the vive becomes more of a reasonable price and doesn't need like a 1080 to run games well lol
Hi, Super Nintendo Chalmers!

No, we need to be more strategic! We wait until technology progresses that quickly that a 1080 is the equivalent of a toaster!

Unfortunately that may or may not take a couple decades, and VR might also be out of date/have higher requirements by then.

Still better than augmented reality...
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