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[DISCUSSION] Which pokemon games should I play?
I'm going to have tons of time over the summer to do nothing so I though that I would take a trip down memory lane and play through some pokemon games. I have all of the pokemon games, gens 1-7, and I wanted some input on where to start.
I always loved heartgold soul silver as a kid as well as platinum, but if you are more invested in the storyline, I've heard that the black and white as well as black and white 2 games are quite good. Replaying heartgold/soulsilver knowing not to take peoples phone numbers and stuff like that is nice, as well as the memories you had as a kid playing them. I just really liked gen 4
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I know you did not list gen 3 but I am currently revisiting Hoenn in gen 3 Pokemon Emerald myself. In my opinion its such a great game especially because of the battle frontier. Its really unique. 
Therefore, if you have some bucks left I can really recommend this game.   
For me its also about taking a trip down memory lane. Haha what a nice phrase. I did not know this one since I am not a native speaker. Thank you for the lesson :D
Have a great day!
I'm currently playing Gen I VC, it's been so nostalgic! Last time I played it was on my Game Boy when I was 8!
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I would suggest that you try to play HeartGold/SoulSilver. Although the pokemon generation may be limited to Gen 4, this is the only game that includes massive post game content as it gives you access to the previous Kanto region. You can challenge 8 more Gyms and you are able to catch some other legendaries. You are given the opportunity to explore a whole other region as this is perhaps the only official pokemon game that you are able to visit two regions.
Thanks for the input everyone! So far, gen 2 remakes seem to be the games that I'll start with.

I updated my post to include all pokemon games because I have my ways of getting even gen 3 games on my ds.
In my opinion, the must plays are Emerald, Platinum, either HG or SS, and one of the gen V games.

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