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[FOR TRADE] Legitmon Shinies #1
Hallo. Hello people looking at this thread, I got some shinies to trade. Here they are.

The following Pokemon are caught myself, Obtained through S.O.S. Methid and Caught by Timer Balls.

So here are ya choices:

[Image: Cv9LRBoWcAArvYO.png]
Rockruff, Lvl. 11
4 Perfect IVs
Ability: Vital Spirit
Moves: Tackle, Leer, Sand Attack, Bite

Clean Slate (Not Used)
Nature: Docile
[Image: latest?cb=20170316202117]
Bagon, Lvl. 15 (TAKEN!)
4 Perfect IVs
Ability: Rock Head
Moves: Ember, Leer, Bite, Dragon Breath
Clean Slate (Not Used)
Nature: Jolly

Now that that's taken care of, Place your offers here and please @ me whenever you can so that I know, and if you choose to PM me your FC, when I PM you to be on the thread, Please be there so that we can do this trade openly  Smile . Ty for reading this an in case you are too lazy to look at the profile thing, here:

IGN: Pokejack
FC: 2595-4392-3197

P.S. If by any chance I evolve the Pokes I'm trading, I will update this Post
@TimeTwist I have a legit shiny alolan exeggutor that i'd trade for the rockruff

I can offer a shiny Tapu Koko for the bagon
@Dimmsdale sorry that it took it a while to reply.

Although your trade is good, I already have one :P I'm trying to clear out some duplicates

@TheAlmightySancho Hmmm, let me think about it. I'm sorry that it took a while to reach this post as well.

Take all the time you need  Smile
@TheAlmightySancho Hi, exactly when are you available? Since it's my last day of school, I'm going to go on vacation soon. Please respond as soon as you can and I will get to you eventually Smile

I should be able to trade right now.

Also, could I do a tradeback with the rockruff to get the shiny registered? I'm trying to register eveything that isn't shiny locked as a shiny.
@TheAlmightySancho Alrighty, great! Make sure you set up a collateral for the rockruff as well so that I don't think that you are trying to steal it :P

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