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[FOR TRADE] Phione (12)
I'm trading 13 phiones for shinys i will accept every shiny except ones where you cant tell if its a shiny (like poliwag) one of these phione's is shiny but im not telling which its all about luck of the draw and just hit me up with a shiny if you want a phione for that pokedex or just for showing off to your friends. All are legal and at level 1 because they were Matsuda method bred, the manaphy that i got them from was legal too i am getting new phione's everyday so don't let the number 13 be a bother although it does take alot of time to hatch each one so I'm asking to do each trade over the game itself instead of GTS so yea my fc is: 1478-4608-0345
got a shiny Furret, if u like it c: added you
(Nov 1, 2016, 04:05 PM)Feax Wrote: got a shiny Furret, if u like it c: added you
okay thats good ill add your fc and we'll do it
i can trade a shiny mr mime 
fc 3480-3704-7440
I got 15 phiones, you wot m8
It's not really a giveaway if you're asking for shinies or something in return, it's more like a trade offer. Would be better if you labeled it as such since it can be misleading to some  :D
Shinies for Phione? That has to be the worst trade offer I've ever read. And yes it's a trade not a giveaway. So go to the proper section please
Yeah, If you have Manaphy, you can easily get Phionel
Due to the nature of your request, @RyunaRose, this thread has been moved to the Breeding, Trading, and Friend Safari section of the forums. Happy trading everyone!
Can you h*ck me a Ditto?
Guys come on phione isn't rare don't offer your shinies for one its just the egg of manaphy and phione can't evolve so don't trade

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