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[FORUM GAME] Which do you choose between those 2 ?
Hi everyone, welcome to a game of choice

Game rules:

1)I will write 2 words, then i describe something about one of them, and then you choose one of them, after that you name 1 new word that starts with the last letter of the word you chose

2)Then you name the 2 words together, and then you say something about the new word or both below the 2 words.

3) Do not insult or flame someone.

4) Don't Double post, use edit feature to add only something extra tjat you might have forgotten or something below inside your post.

5)If you don't understand something you can edit your post and write it at the bottom inside your post (or at the top), Do not edit your choice if someone else has already posted.

6)Keep it clean (Meaning don't be vulgar)

7)Have Fun ! Yohohohoho

Example below:

User Drangor2: Pokemon & Digimon

User Drangor2: Pokemon and digimon are 2 things that have a lot in common, for example they both include evolutions(but with different methods)

User Ghost : I choose Digimon.

User: Ghost: Digimon & Power Ranger (Last later is the R of Ranger )

User: Ghost: Power rangers are humans who transform with a device to become a power ranger.

User: Dino: I choose Digimon

User Dino: Digmon & Micheal Jackson

User: Dino: Micheal jackson was a great person who loved children and adults and dogs and other things...

and so on etc.

Official my 2 words are : Rain & Train

The rain has some mysterious power that give joy or other emotions(atleast to me) when it rains and i'm under it i don't think much (?)

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