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[FRIEND SAFARI] Let's be friends!
Main Account:

4614-2081-3621 (ign: Toshe)

[ FIGHT : Machoke, Pancham and Breloom ]

I also play on these two devices:

4571-1263-8289 (ign: Toshe) [ BUG : Paras, Masquerain and Heracross ] 

2251-8866-4557 (ign: Toshe) [ FIRE : Slugma, Ponyta and Braixen ]

- Please specify on which device you have added me so I can add back on the appropriate system! Add on main device always please, and optionally on other devices as well.

- You will however have a lower chance to catch me online on the FIRE device, since I am playing US on that more often than not (breeding), while the other two will register in PSS right away since I have X and OR on those two most the time. I do periodically switch cartridges around for the OR and US device, so eventually you're bound to catch me online on all three.

- I am online for the time being so should be adding back pretty quick.

Let's be friends. Thanks!
Hi Toshex! Already added your main account and this one: 4571-1263-8289 (ign: Toshe) [ BUG : Paras, Masquerain and Heracross ]  as well, feel free to add me!
Add me please!
Heya guys, just added you back.

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