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[FUN] Australian Theme Team Ideas
Hey guys! Anabel here with a bit of fun discussion thread. Recently I had an idea to make an all Aussie Pokemon team to use in UU and OU tier matches. Now, I have 12 different Pokemon I actually want to use, but what I can't really think of is the best way to use 'em. Perhaps somebody could gimme suggestions for some of these Pokemon? Or even suggest something I may have forgot? Thanks if you do! 
(Note, Pokemon with an '*' are ones I have a build for already)

Komala* = Koala
Lycanroc Midday = Dingo
Heliolisk = Frilled Neck Lizard
Seviper* = Red-Bellied Black snake
Krookodile = Saltwater Croc
Swoobat* = Fruit Bat
Toxapex* = Crown of Thorns starfish
Ariados* = Redback Spider
Flaaffy = Merino Sheep
Pelipper* = Pelican
Murkrow = Crow
Tentacruel* = Box Jellyfish 
(thems are nasty yo
Kangaskhan* = Kangaroo
Unfezant = Lyrebird
Rotom Heat = BBQ
Rapidash* = Pharlap
Bruxish* = Barramundi
Golduck = Platypus
Sharpedo = Great White Shark
(SHINY) Lycanroc Midnight = Wendigo
Slurpuff = Pavlova
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Yo, how have you forgotten Kangaskhan?

Also, Australia does have penguins, you might be able to cheese in Piplup's line if you'd like.

Sharpedo could be a decent representation of the sharks that surround our borders.

We get alot of whales too, throw Wailord into the mix if you want more water types.

You got enough water types so I wont mention Mantine(Mantarays found off the coast in North) or Corsola (Great Barrier Reef)... woops, just did ;P

Heracross, although based on a Japanese Rhinoceros beetle, its mega looks alot like the ones you'll find down here. However, if your making a SM team, it wont be allowed.

I said no more water types, so I wont give you another water type, instead, its one that I keep forgetting isn't a water type. Dragalge (Leafy Sea Dragon)

If I think of more, I'll let you know.
@Kaividian Wow! Kangaskhan! I'm so stupid XD Also these are great suggestions here, especially Mantine.
B a d C o p
Glad you like em. Chuck on a Gloom and name it 'Nimbin'. People who understand the reference'll get a good kick out of it ;P
@Kaividian I actually just thought of a couple more too! Slurpuff for a Pavlova and Rotom Heat for a classic Aussie BBQ
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That pavolva idea is fantastic. And I like the idea of Rotom too. Have fun with your team!
Does charmander count as a Monitor Lizard? 

[Image: tumblr_mvblw72CTf1sal1obo1_400.gif]
@LonerBird Maybe not the Monitor but what about the Blue-Tounge Skink/Lizard? I feel Charm's too small for a monitor, but fits well for those garden skinks.
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True, I was thinking maybe jangmoo for a Komodo, but then I remembered that they didn't originate from the outback. :D
@LonerBird Ooh now Kommo-o for an Iguana or Monitor may work
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