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[GIVEAWAY] 6IV Ditto's for Gen 7
6IV Ditto's for Breeding

I currently have a load of 6IV ditto's sitting in my various Gen 7 games and Pokébank and now I am going to be sending them to those who need them. If you want one of these ditto's simply deposit a metapod in the GTS, copy and fill in this info then post it below:

Metapod Level:
Pokéball Type:
Ditto Nature:

Ditto's Currently Available (I will add more if I find them in my boxes):

Jolly x 9
Timid x 9
Adamant x 7

can we just trade it? i have not found ditto in my UM so GTS wont work for me

I can do a trade if you need me to, just let me know what sort of time you would need (and time zone you are in) and I can see what I can do. However if you don't have one yet it is possible to scroll to the bottom when selecting what Pokémon you are looking for and typing it manually using the what Pokémon button and that would be easier sine we don't need to be online at the same time
Metapod Level: 16
Pokéball Type: Nest
Ditto Nature: Adamant
Message: "I want to fill my Pokedex"
IGN: Jess
Metapod Level: 6
Pokeball Type: Poke Ball
Ditto Nature: Adamant
Message: Please trade Pokemon with me. Thanks in advance.
IGN: Mark
@FirsthandTuna @844MWILLi01

I can't see either of your metapods in the GTS, can you please check if they are still there? If it got traded already please put another in the GTS and be sure to request lvl 91-100 as this stops people sending you low level ditto's instead and your metapods are less likely to be sniped.
Posted a new Metapod, here's the info.

Metapod Level: 15
Pokéball Type: Nest
Ditto Nature: Adamant
Message: "I want to fill my Pokedex"
IGN: Jess

Made sure to request 91+ this time.

Ditto has been sent your way  Smile
Thank you! Heart
Metapod Level: 3 male
Pokéball Type: dive ball
Ditto Nature: jolly
Message:  "I want to fill my Pokedex."
IGN: Marie

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