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[GIVEAWAY] Bottle Cap Giveaway!!! [Hacked/Cloned]
(Apr 24, 2017, 11:00 PM)gkh1997 Wrote: @eisenaudi14 , still cannot find. Sad

Something's not right lol, let me try one more time, if u can't find me, well god have other plans for me lol
@eisenaudi14 , sent! Took me a while to find it. lol
Gundam Fan
Thank you for the lugia~ I'm back for the Ho-Oh this time if its possible(?)

Deposited : Emolga Lv1 Female
Wanted : Ho-Oh
IGN : Haru

Thanks in advance!
@Haru , sent! Smile

Sure, everyone is allowed two Bottle Caps and two Gold Bottle Caps now. Smile
Gundam Fan
@gkh1997 Thank you! I'll come back tomorrow c:

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