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I have a whole box of shiny pokemon! Im going to giveaway 10 of them! Im trading on XY, because ORAS doesnt have downloads yet. So no oras pkm D:. But thats ok, its only megas.

This is the first giveaway out of 10 giveaways! I will show you the entire box! So yes, type down below some like "i want it" and if you have a skype, please put that below too so i wont have to use PM space and you too!


Sorry, i did this kind of wrong, please try it in the next giveaway!
i want it
I want it
I want it
I want it
Its actually walthersjustin
OK EPICDALLY! won! Im going to start doing it differntly now, you must put your skype or email, next giveaway soon!
sweet my skype is tehepicdally
Can I still win?
(Nov 28, 2014, 05:34 PM)jwallz Wrote: Can I still win?


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