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[GIVEAWAY] Foxes and The Bird. Raffle Giveaway.
(Aug 22, 2016, 09:13 AM)youngtomlin Wrote: As my first giveaway went great. I decided to do another. This time however it's a raffle giveaway. 

All you need to do is type 


Make sure it's ALL CAPS. Once you do that, you will have a chance to win one of the amazing prizes. I will accept entries until I reach 40 people and then will randomly pick who wins. Here are the prizes.

3rd Prize: Shiny Zorark LvL: 100 Naive Nature Male.
2nd Prize: Shiny Vulpix. LvL: 29 Hardy Nature Female. Drought Ability. 
1ST PRIZE: Shiny Ho-oh LvL: 100 Serious Nature Pressure Ability.

So, good luck and have fun. This will last until 40 people have entered! 

Note: Obviosuly, I would love having +1 rep. It takes time to get these Pokemon and I would be greatly appreciated. These are all caught shinies. 

Now, get out there and win something!  Smile

Entries (if you're username is wrong, shout at me!)
1. MixQQ
2. GlubWorld
3. Tirjj
4. hotdawg7
5. garlan.irawan
6. EazyBash
7. Rurek
8. Lolface366
9. Srojaz123
10: Yik
11: Obsidianpuchbowl
12. Maigcal Mops (Make sure it's CAPS)
13: Elly
ENTER  Smile

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