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[GIVEAWAY] I'm bored
Pokemon wanted: Typhlosion 
pokemon deposited: shinx ("Lixy")
level of deposited: 1
gender of deposited: male
IGN: Nayrb
thank you for all this giveaway!!
Requested: Typhlosion
IGN: Bethany
Deposited: Grimer
Level of deposited: 9
Gender of Deposited: male
@Keith_Kuruzu Enjoy Smile
@Nayrb Enjoy Smile
@Golden Enjoy Smile
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Requested: Feraligatr
IGN: bethany
Deposited: Caterpie
Level of deposited: 3 
Gender of Deposited: Female
Nickname: "Raupy"

thank you so much for all of  these! ive got all three after this <3
Requested: Feraligatr
IGN: Kial
Deposited: Jangmo-o
Level of deposited: 1
Gender of Deposited: male

thank you in advance!
Hello :D

Requested: Meganium
Deposited: Wingull renamed THX (male lvl.7)
Message: I want to fill my pokedex
IGN : Mish Jagger

Thank you very much in advance Smile
I know this is doesn't have to do with the giveaway but, I've decided to start a competitive battling league called the CBL (Competitive Battling Leauge) for anyone who wants to join. Matches will be on Saturdays around 2:PM Central just tell me thanks bye!
Requested: Feraligatr Lv 91+
IGN: Zach 
Deposited: Bagon 
Level of deposited: 1 
Gender of Deposited: Female
Message: I want to fill my Pokedex.

Thank you in advance
IGN : Cruz Control
Deposited Pokemon : Lillipup nicknamed moo311
Deposited Gender & Level : Female Lv. 14 in an Ultra Ball
Message : I want to trade for a Pokemon that is strong in battles.
Wanted : Meganium

Looks like I'll be having to deposit when you're offline again since I have work during your available hours today.  Thanks again for the giveaway! :D
@Golden I don't see it Sad
@Mr-Soybean Enjoy Smile
@Mish Jagger Enjoy Smile
@BattleMonster07 Sounds cool. I'd, however, recommend that you create a thread on the "Pokemon Battle Requests" part of this website to get the attention of battlers.
@Dimmsdale Enjoy Smile
@Keith_Kuruzu Enjoy Smile
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