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[GIVEAWAY] Last Second Legendary Codes
Ah ha ha, so I forgot that these things had a time limit and there's about 4 days for me to give away 8 codes! So! First come first serve. Ask and ye shall recieve.

These are codes for Sun/Moon UltraSun/UltraMoon and will give you either a Yveltal or a Xerneas with different levels and hold items depending on the game it's entered on.
Hi there! Is it one code per person or can I have one of each? Also are the codes region specific?
(Aug 24, 2018, 08:09 PM)ShanklyGates Wrote: Hi there! Is it one code per person or can I have one of each? Also are the codes region specific?

One code per person for now. If there's absolutely nobody looking for codes I'll ditch the rule on the 27th.

I think the codes are region specific, yeah. I could be wrong. These ones are from NA.
I would definitely take one!
I’d love one! Thanks ?
Can I have one? Thanks!
I'm interested!
maybe i could have one?

I have PM'd you each with a code.

Should no one else ask for a code I will send ShanklyGates and gomizzou one extra code each for being the first ones to ask. If either of you decline getting an extra code I will give it to the next in line and so on.
Nobody is responding and I have to go to bed so a slight change in plans, I'm just gonna put the two codes here and hope that everyone got a fair shot at getting the xernas/yvtal code

I've gotta go to bed but hopefully these codes will work for whoever tries to use them. Assuming they stop working when it turns the 29th you have about 2 hours to redeem them hopefully

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