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[GIVEAWAY] Legendary pokemon
Hey, if your still giving away could I get:


I would super appreciate it!

Also I saw you had a lot of shinnies, I would actually prefer them not to be, but honestly either way works. I'm not in a huge rush so any time works for me! thanks again!
Hi @mste1602  Im gonna be asking for some more stuff if thats alright. First off Id like a shiny and not shiny version of the four signature move Zygarde 100%. Id also like the Unova-hat Pikachu. 
 Also if I can still request things in the 6th gen Id like all Vivillon patterns with the Meadow, Icey Snow, Tundra, Monsoon, Marine, Elegant, and Polar patterns being shiny. Thanks alot!
                                        I ΔM DŌVΛ
Can i ask for all of the pikachu hats?
May i have a Shiny arceus shiny absol and genosect shiny mew and shiny mew two anytime your available @mste1602
@mste1602 Not sure if you are still doing giveaways, but if you are I would love the shiny event Diancie. Been wanting one for a bit. Also, I'm pretty flexible as far as timing goes. Thanks in advance! Also wouldn't mind a Timid Hoopa if you happen to have one laying around.
Is this thread still open? If so, could I possibly have one of the shiny zygarde from the recent event? I was unable to get one myself, and was hoping maybe I could find one on the forums. 

Preferably just a clone of the event one with the event OT and moves etc. but any legal and shiny one is more than enough. 

Thanks in advance!
ok sry guys I've been off for a while, I'll get to you guys soon @Greenfish  @Dova  @John Raphael  @Primerakilla13 @Bad Internet Guy  @bendikr
Can I get a shiny naganadel and the shiny absol? Thanks in advance!
Hi I was wondering if I could have a shiny eevee? I've been hunting for one but to no avail. It's a really nice shiny in my opinion. Btw added your fc, mine is 2123-2024-2361  Big Grin
@mste1602 No rush. Just glad this thread is still alive. Really appreciate you doing this!

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