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[GIVEAWAY] Legendary pokemon
the code was already gotten
it's ok, I still have a few codes I haven't scratched yet X]
this is basically a perma-giveaway, if that makes sense. and it's ok, I have all 4 6th gen games so I'll be able to get them X]
Could i get a meloetta and a keldeo?
FC: 3712-0856-6612 Ign:Alex. Thanks in advance
for as long as I can
of course Smile
can I get two shiny eevees pls if possible!!!
I would love to get a shiny eevee, shiny zorua, and non-shiny jirachi if I could, here's my friend code: 1092-0199-8211 and I have already added and I'm online right now. Thanks so much! +1 rep  :D
(Feb 3, 2016, 06:40 PM)mste1602 Wrote: of course Smile

Alright awsome i wish i could give more than 1 rep your awsome
Thank you so much!! Now I'm almost done with my pokedex!! I forgot ask for Shaymin though. Could I trouble you for that one too? If not I understand.

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