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[GIVEAWAY] Legendary pokemon
Not to take advantage, but could I receive a Shaymin and Keldeo as well? It'd help my pokedex a lot. Thanks!
I'm ready.
thank you
gave you rep
My IGn is Vulcan and my FC is 2810-1418-7708 and I would like a shiny Zorua, Rotom, Volcarona, and Eevee if possible, thank you . :D
Could I get a shiny eevee and a victini please I really need them. Info on the left. Thanks!
OMG. THANK YOU SO MUCH. +1 Rep given!
Hi you just give me 3 but by any mean I can get a shiny rotom and/or shaymin too?

Sorry for bother you and thanks!
sorry to bother you but i forgot to include meloetta, dialga, and jirachi
i need this for my pokedex
could the dialga and jirachi be shiny?
sorry for any inconvieniences
Thanks so much. gave you a +1 rep Smile
Would it be possible to get a Meloetta? Thanks, info on the side

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