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[GIVEAWAY] Legendary pokemon
I can be on anytime tomorrow, whichever is most convenient for you. Thanks Smile
@GhostCroc sorry I had class at that time. today or tomorrow? @Hanachu same thing, today or tomorrow?
@mste1602 I can get on right now. Or any time in the next couple of hours.
Sorry I missed this. I'll be on for the next eleven hours, and if not, I'll try to catch you another time. I have nothing to do until Monday. Thanks for your help.
@GhostCroc @Hanachu school is rough. will you be on today?
I can be online from now onwards, for the next two hours. Good luck with your work! I graduated so I know its tough but its worth it for the opportunities afterwards. And thanks for helping me with the Pokemon when you're so busy!
@mste1602 I can be on anytime in the next couple of hours or almost anytime tomorrow. There's no rush. I know school work can be very demanding.
Hey @mste1602 could I get a mew, shiny JPN event jirachi and the shiny event Diancie please Smile

I'm in GMT time
@Hanachu @GhostCroc @Buddhafuldays any time tomorrow?
@ mste1602  Would 8pm-9pm sometime work for you?

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