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[GIVEAWAY] My First Giveaway is COMING SOON
Hey Guys, if you didn't read the title of this thread, then i am doing my first ever giveaway to you guys! I will try to start it maybe next week or the end of this week, so be weary of that, because these pokes might go FAST!!! I will be updating this thread to when the giveaway begins so don't miss out! For you guys currently, you have no idea what Pokemon i am giving away, so it will be a surprise to you all! That's all i got to say right now, but on that note, i will see you when the giveaway commences!

how do we enter this giveaway?
(Dec 10, 2014, 04:30 PM)Arctero Wrote: how do we enter this giveaway?

You just leave your FC and IGN in the comment section and you tell me what pokemon you want (from the pokemon i am giving away which will be announced soon) and thats about it, i will put possibly more details in this updated version of this thread.

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