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[GIVEAWAY] (OFFLINE)Defog Special Giveaway(Upgraded)
I got it, thank you!  Smile  
Wow, level 100 with max stats..! ☆__☆
Well then I guess it's okay to deposit!

I deposited a female lvl 8 DEFOG1 Ghastly in a Nest Ball asking for a lvl 91+ Skarmory!
IGN is Broco

Yes I'm literate thank you : )
Deposited: Gastly lvl 9 Male
Requested: Piplup
IGN: Dave
Thanks! Well nice, I'll be looking forward to see if you can get the Latias back!
I have maybe good news. (A Latias will be maybe be added later though not sure yet)
Fly like a eagle, run like a beagle. Never give up.
@Drangor2 Yo can I have a Piplup?
If you need help with IV breeding or if you wanna battle (Mixed OU), feel free to send me a PM!
Latias can be chosen now:

Also, for who didn't know i have updated some new pokemon in the other Thread ''Mega''
Fly like a eagle, run like a beagle. Never give up.
I deposited a lvl 10 gastly male for latias ign is hawkeye

I'd like a Defog Latias, please. :D

IGN: Cruz Control
Deposited: Lv.10 Female Gastly nicknamed Defog1 in a Nest Ball
Requested: Latias Female Lv.91 or higher
Message: I want to trade for a pokemon that is strong in battles.

Thanks again!  :D
@Drangor2 hey i'm on the list so here's my deposit ~

Request #1
IGN: Ian
Deposited: Magikarp (Defog1) | 1 | Female | Pokeball
Requested: Skarmory
Message:  I want to fill my Pokedex.

Thanks ~  Smile

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