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[GIVEAWAY] (OFFLINE))Pika_Event Special giveaway.(2 events)
Hey Drangor,

So I finally hit these forums Smile I'll like a copy of both

FC: 5386-8762-6481 Sun IGN: Ash

I'll wait til tomorrow. Thanks in advance
I'm online right now if ur available (?)
Sounds interesting!

I'd mostly like the pikachu but Charizard is also cool.
Thanks in advance!

FC: 4442-3204-2080
IGN: Xander
I would like to have an Pikachu.

FC: 1650-3713-0401

IGN: Sebasti
I'm back again.
Hey I'd love to get the (Ash)Pikachu! Thx 

FC: 0619-4716-0507
IGN: Heather

Edit: Is this giveaway still running? If it is then sorry for my impatience. ( • ̀ω•́ )✧
Can I get both of them?
would love charizard corocoro

fc- 1263-8453-1982 IGN-kat

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