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You heard correctly I am getting ready for a christmas pokemon stream giveaway. Let me go into more depth about this, on tuesday of next week I will be doing a pokemon shiny hunting stream. Now now just any shiny hunting stream i will hunt for the shiny pokemon you want provided it is in ORAS as I do not have X or Y. It is fairly easy to understand, how do you enter? Simple you join my stream you are active, you follow me on twitch and have a good time, There will be several ways how to request what pokemon you want me to shiny chain, Way number one: I just ask and which ever one gets said the most gets the pick, Way number two: Tweet me the pokemon you want me to capture @NFNAlexx when i request it, Way number three: raffle(more than likely this will happen if I get too many people in the stream which I doubt I am a small streamer lol but I am very serious about what I do.) There are two ways to win the shinny, through a raffle, I have a bot set up much like Ohnickels Rupee bot, but my bot is called GreatNaviBot, it will ask you to put in one rupee and you can enter a maximum of 20 rupees for a chance to win each shiny. The bot gives you 1 rupee for every 30 minutes. If you follow me on twitter though and tell me your user name on twitter and I see you have followed me you will get an additional 50 rupees. The second way of getting a shiny is to buy it from me by giving me your rupees it costs 100 rupees for each shiny pokemon. Now then if you have any pokemon requests you can request them here and I will make note of them and try for them a bit earlier to get started.

my twitch stream is

I do do other giveaways but right now I can only do shinies as that's all I could afford if I got donations I would be giving away a 3DS with game capture or a WiiU with Smash but alas no money so sorry for that. But I can do shinnies. I hope to see some of you there, I do this for fun and I don't do this for popularity I like making people smile.
Tomorrow is the stream don't forget to stop by!
Live right now so come one come all come get your shiny pokemon :D

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