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[GIVEAWAY] S/M shiny giveaway
i really want a shiny rowlet any nature and ability if possible?
@DarienDenciati Glad you're back! Is it still possible for me to get that shiny Sandygast with Water Compaction and Bold nature? I'll be keeping an eye on this thread (or message me) all day today, thanks!
I don't mean to rush you but is my volcarona i mentioned earlier ready?
Could I  get a  shiny Premiere Ball Wimpod? Any level/stats are fine.
hello ! 
i have no shiny in my possession and i'd love to start so i really don"t know what to ask, if you have any double, or if anybody left his pokemon behind i would be happy to take that one ! Smile whatever the abily or nature it will be my first!
thanks in advance!
Heeeeey I would like a shiny eevee I am going to evolve it into a sylveon. so whatever stats would fit best . I dont mind being at the back if I can get two. Ign: Adrian
Requesting shiny houndour
Hey man just added your FC, is it possible to get a chansey like this ? trying to make a team up! Level 50 or 100 would be great  too thanks in advance.Chansey !
Move 1Soft boiled
Move 2Seismic Toss
Move 3Stealth Rock
Move 4Aromatherapy
Item Eviolite
Ability Natural Cure
Nature Bold
4 HP
252 Def
252 SpD
Hey man, is it ok if i can have a shiny prankster Sableye with Calm nature if it's not a hassle
Can I have a shiny Tsareena with queenly majesty?

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