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Giveaway Closed! No more replies in this thread, thank you!

Hello all, I will try do my first giveaway as a test so I get used to the process. I will be using GTS for these giveaways.
I will be giving away 20 Shiny Rowlets!
Here's the info!
[Image: rowlet.gif]
Rowlet | Female | Lv. 1 | Jolly | Overgrow
IVS: 31/31/31/31/31/31

I will giveaway only 20 of these so first come, first serve.
Here's what you need to do:
1. First 20 people to post in this thread will secure their shiny Rowlet. 
2. Please type your IGN in your post
3. Deposit a Cutiefly asking for a Lv1-10 Female Rowlet
4. Cutiefly must be nicknamed 'QUEEN'

Here's what your GTS should look like:
Optional additional info you could include: Level, Gender, Pokeball of Cutiefly

Pokemon wanted: Rowlet
Gender: Female
Level: 1 to 10
Message: Any

So just post in the thread, and deposit the Cutiefly. I will search through GTS and try to find your IGN!
If I can't find you, then I will just link trade you the Rowlet.

If these kinds of giveaways are popular, I will continue down the Pokedex, I have alooooot of legit Shiny Pokemon so maybe I can also put up polls for people to vote for the next giveaway Pokemon. Please leave any suggestions or feedback about this Smile

Thanks all, and happy shiny collecting!
Pokemon deposited:Cutiefly
Pokemon request:Rowlet

You really got the gist of how stuff works around here fast xP and the poll would be a great idea !
Deposited: Cutiefly
Gender: Female Lv: 8
Requesting: Rowlet
IGN: wartty
Thank you a lot in advance ~
Deposited: Cutiefly
Lvl 11 Gender: Male
Wanted: Rowlet
IGN: Polqw
Thanks in Advance. Cool Idea Man Hope You Can Go Down the Pokedex
Want. *u*
Deposited: cutiefly named QUEEN in DIVE BALL.
Deposited: Cutiefly (QUEEN) 
Gender: Male
Level: 12
Message: I want to fill my Pokedex
Requested: Rowlet
IGN: Dave

"To believe in an ideal, is to be willing to betray it"
                 VGC, Friend Safari, Masuda

IGN: Pokejack
Deposited: Cutiefly(QUEEN)/Lv. 12/Male/Quick Ball/Message: I want to fill my Pokedex
Requested: Rowlet
IGN: Elena
deposit: cutiefly lvl 9 female dusk ball
Okay guys, enjoy your Rowlet! 
Please remember to nickname your rowlet so I can zoom through the Gts list to find you Smile

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