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[GIVEAWAY] Shiny Buneary [CLOSED]
Since I am making a team around M-Lopunny and the fact that I have a shiny buneary from a trade a few weeks back, I would like to give out some clones out to the community. I don' know how many will be wanted so I'll make a box or two for now and if more are wanted, then I will make more clones. So if you would like one, leave your FC and IGN. I will have a set time to give them out and only for one week so get one before its too late!

One per person. If I am not available to trade, I will set another time to do trades.
Nature: Adamant
IV checker states 6IV

My Fc is to the left. IGN is Legacy

TRADES WILL TAKE PLACE OF 12/16/14 - 12/23/14 around 12pm MST

[Image: SGLi1l5.jpg]
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Would be sweet! Thank you!
IGN: Phill
FC: 061946208502
Wow!!! Thank You!!!
I would love one! Thank you so much
Ign- Colin
FC- left
IGN: Josh
FC: 0662-3869-8711
IGN Steven
FC: 2809-9328-6226
FC: 1048-8143-3907
IGN: Hero

Sweet man, merry christmas to you :P
FC: 5043-2456-5792
IGN: Scott
Thank You
Ign: Tegan


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