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[GIVEAWAY] ~ SoS Chaining - Exeggcute ~
@evilcackles ugh sorry I never got online last night would you mind reposting?
@wartty Just redeposited the lvl 32 male Golbat named Skill Swap

EDIT: Got sniped, so now it's a lvl 31 male Golbat named Skill Swap 

Is there a better day or time to do this so that I actually catch you online?
Tysm!!  Heart  Got it!
Put a level 44 Female Golbat in. IGN:Lo
Thanks in advance.
@wartty deposited a lvl 30 golbat ign jamie
deposited level 56 Golbat
Gender: Male
Requested: exeggute lvl 1 
ign: miles
@S7LK looks like it got sniped sorry would you mind reposting ?? @jaypt @stevie963 Happy hunting ~ thank you would've been nice :/
deposited level 57 Golbat nicknamed Skill Swap
Gender: Female
Requested: exeggute lvl 1 
ign: Zach

Thank you so much!!
@Dimmsdale sent ~

Pokemon Deposited: Golbat (nicknamed Wartty)
Pokemon Level: 45
Pokemon Gender: Male
Pokemon Wanted: Eggexcute (could it be male with a sassy nature)

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