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[GIVEAWAY] ~ SoS Chaining - Exeggcute ~
@Fana omg why are people sniping these golbats D'x I need to figure out something people wont snipe......ugh its only been an hour like why would someone be looking for a golbat !!! D:< ugh sorry would you mind reposting golbat until I find an alternative? This is just getting frustrating makes me feel for @moo311  and @stephenWITNESS  and the rest of our kind giverawayers TT______TT
@wartty done mate! Deposited again!
Pokemon: Golbat
Level: 55
Gender: Female
@Fana gotcha ;D Happy hunting to ya ~
@wartty sorry to bother you again do you perhaps got 1 with the Nature Quiet?

If so

Pokemon: Golbat
Level: 54
Gender: Male
Nature: Quiet
@wartty thanks man! Some people never cease to amaze me ?
Why Not Zoidberg?
Hey me again wartty, just deposited lvl 22 female golbat, don't care what nature the exeggcute is
@Dameyen13 I believe you got your exeggcute ~
Haha yah just checked, thanks again man
Ty for letting me know about this from my other thread !

Just deposited a Lvl 29 Male Golbat named Skill Swap asking for the lvl 1 Exeggcute, I don't care about nature  Heart  My OT is 'Min' (I don't know if this helps or not)

EDIT: Got sniped //: so now it's a Lvl 32 Male Golbat named Skill Swap, still don't care about nature.

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