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[GIVEAWAY] ~ SoS Chaining - Exeggcute ~
@ScottyThunder lol gotcha :p glad I'm able to help in one way or another, Happy hunting <3
Dont know why I never thought to put this here...
All your Hidden Ability needs in one place <3
Hey, just put a Golbat up on the GTS. 


Edit: Got Sniped and put another Golbat up lol. Hopefully no snipe this time lol. Its Level 56 btw.

Edit 2: I have been sniped again lol. Let me know when you're ready cause I don't wanna get sniped again lmao.
I've set up a Golbat on the GTS

Thanks for doing this BTW! (Its so hard to find an exeggcute with skill swap Big Grin )

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