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[GIVEAWAY] The Summoner of Night Honchkrow vs. The Secluded Bird Staraptor{Closed}
thanks again man :]
Thank you :]
Can i have both please
IGN: Jared
IGN Steven
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both please :D
I hope everyone enjoys the pokemon.
(Dec 2, 2014, 01:06 PM)leponzitro Wrote: I hope everyone enjoys the pokemon.

thanks :D
can i have both?
(Dec 2, 2014, 12:32 PM)leponzitro Wrote: For the first four responses. I am adding you now and yes you can all get one of each.

Thanks alot!
Due to the large influx of requests for both I will only accept 5 more for both. If you posted before this post then do not worry. But I will only accept the next 5 for both then you will have to choose one.

I want to do this that way a lot more people can get one. This will also give me some breathing room to make more.

If you really desire both then post which one you would prefer on the thread then PM me about the other one. Once I make more then I will PM you back so we can trade.

If you can "Bump" this so people can see.
I'd LOVE both, bby. <3

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