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[GIVEAWAY] "Transform" the World- 6 IV Ditto Giveaway! US/UM
Pokemon Deposited- Metapod
Level of Deposited- 9
Gender- Male
Message- I want to fill my Pokedex.
Nature of Ditto wanted: Jolly, Please!~

IGN: Kayne
Pokemon Deposited - Metapod
Level of Deposited - 16
Gender - Female
Message - Please trade Pokémon with me. Thanks in advance.
Nature of Ditto wanted: Modest, Please!
If you don't have Modest - any will do

IGN: Nando

Your ditto has been sent, for some reason I didn't get the notification for your post here.


I couldn't see your metapod, maybe it got sniped?
The New Kahuna
Hello, thank you for doing this!  Smile

I just deposited my Metapod:
Pokemon Deposited- Metapod [FRA] 
Level of Deposited- 12
Gender- Male 
Message- Please trade Pokémon with me. Thanks in advance
Nature of Ditto wanted: As you wish! 

My IGN is "G"

I am just going on GTS now, you will have your ditto in a minute  Tongue

Edit: it has been sent!
The New Kahuna
Got it! Thanks a lot  Smile
Pokemon Deposited - Metapod
Level of Deposited - 7
Gender - Female
Message - I want to trade for a Pokémon that will help me with my adventure.
Nature of Ditto wanted: HP Grass, Please!
IGN: Quinten

I have traded your ditto now, I will send you one of the hidden power ditto's. please note that these have 6 fantastic IV's which allow you to get the best hidden power of any type but you will need to breed to get the correct fantastic IV's on a parent first.

for grass your best combo of IV's would be HP fantastic and Sp.Atk fantastic with the rest saying 'best' but there are other combinations for hidden powers and so I will direct you to this list here
The New Kahuna

I know how Hidden Power works, so a Ditto with the Best and Fantastic IV's necesairy are a tremendous timesaver. Thank you very, very much for this Ditto.

BTW, is this a one Ditto per person deal, or if not how long should I wait before asking again without being rude and/or annoying to both you and other people? Because while I have a six IV for breeding, there are a few HP ditto I could really, really use and I don't want to be a bother or seem ungrateful.
Pokemon deposited: metapod
level: 7
gender: male
message: im trying to complete the pokedex!
nature of ditto wanted: adamant

requesting a lvl 100 max iv ditto, thank you!

IGN: Karim

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