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[GIVEAWAY] Water Type Time!
Great idea Smile
Water is best type, they are beautiful and strong.
Here are the winners. I will add you if your friend code is shown if it isn't then please PM me your friend code.

Shiny Pikipek - TheAlmightySancho
Shiny Rockruff - Master_jug
Shiny Crabrawler - Chansey
Shiny Corsola and Mareanie - Corrosion2424

Please add me so we can trade prizes. If you prizes are not claimed in 5 days and you don't respond to a PM, they will be given to someone else. If you have DS problems, that's fine. Just let me know.

Also, give me suggestions on what you want to see for other giveaways.
:'( goodbye sweet pikipek ~
Two winners have not claimed there prizes and have not responded to the PM's. In this case in my giveaways. I give the prizes to other people as if you enter a giveaway I think it is always good to keep checking to see if you have won. 

The two new winners are here and have been notified by PM. 

Shiny Rockruff - "P35" 
Shiny Corsola and Mareanie - "


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