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[GIVEAWAY] Whats in the Box Pokemon Game - 10 winners will receive South Korean Lucario Event
What's in the Box
There are 30 slots in each box when you acess the PC. Box number 9 holds 10 South Korean Event Lucario spread out among the spaces. The Lucario's were sent to my by a busy mysterous elf who currently does not have the time to do giveaways. 

[Image: 8LU8J8I.png]
How to play:
Pick only ONE box by commenting a Letter and Number. I will reply to your post to let you know if your box contained Lucario or is empty. If empty you can not choose another box, sorry. If it does contain a Lucario please see the section "How to recieve your prize".
How to recieve your prize:
You can find my FC on my profile. If I reply to your comment "Congrats" please send me your FC through pm and we will figure out a time to link trade. The reason to send your FC is to make sure I have your current or up to date one. Some members may use more than one ds. 
[Image: kas1JRn.png]
I will choose B5 if that is alright
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Is that event proofed?
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(Dec 19, 2017, 01:58 PM)Tenebris_Kane Wrote: I will choose B5 if that is alright

aww, the box is empty.  Sad
(Dec 19, 2017, 02:07 PM)Drangor2 Wrote: Is that event proofed?

Not sure exactly what you mean by "is that event proofed?" Are you asking do I have proof, if the imagie above is proof, or something else? Im going to answer do I have proof. The gentleman who asked me to do the giveaways sent me 3 event Pokemon and proof videos of 2, unfortunatly this wasnt one of them. I am currently requesting proof. Please hang tight and I will get back to you as soon as possible. If there is not proof, than I will let the winners choose either Lucario withought proof or another event with proof. But that is worse case senerio.
Ah, no problem was just curious Celebi
Walk with me, talk to me, run with me. Don't stalk me.


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(Dec 19, 2017, 02:42 PM)Drangor2 Wrote: Ah, no problem was just curious [Image: celebi.png]

So, there is video proof of the lucario as well. Smile If any winners would like to see the proof of thier winning pokemon I can pm it to them Smile
Hm, what about B3?
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Do we get more than one chance, should we get it wrong?
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(Dec 19, 2017, 02:55 PM)BoneheadMarowak Wrote: Hm, what about B3?

Unfortunately empty Sad

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