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[GUIDE] Pokémon Forever's Competitive 101 (Work In Progress)
Competitive 101: Index

[Image: ash-ketchum-pokemon-pikachu-go.jpg]

Hello and welcome to Pokemon Forever's beginers guide to battling: Competitive 101. A series of articles to cover the basics of the competive Pokemon scene. Our main goal of this is to try and help anyone who may be finding it dificult getting into competitive batling, or even encorage some trainers that mightn't have thought of trying to start. We hope to make this as accessable as possible for trainers of all skill levels, with an aim of giving a general knowlege of battling, an understanding of creating teams and, most importantly, building confidence in playing.

We're going to break this guide down into 4 differnt sections. This way we can cover each topic in the best detail that we possibly can.

  1. The First Steps
  2. Team Building Part 1: Playstyles <coming soon>
  3. Team Building Part 2 <coming soon>
  4. Understanding Your Oponent <coming soon>
  5. Competing in the Real World <coming soon>

Competitive battling can seem quite daunting at first. But once you find your feet, it can become one of the most rewarding things you can experience. Nothing beats having a new strategy work out or making a good prediction in a vital part of a battle. Hopefully this guide will be of good assitance to anyone trying to make the first step into the scene.

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