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[GUIDE] Shiny Legendary Pokemon hunting guide for Pokemon USUM (Updated)
Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon intruduced a new Shiny Hunting method known as the Ultra Wormhole. It represents a minigame in which the player rides Solgaleo or Lunala by their choice in the Ultra Space and can enter Ultra Wormholes who contain either Ultra Beasts, Pokemon who can not be normally found in Alola, or Legendary Pokemon. The minigame is located at the Altar of the Sunne/Moone, depending the version of the game, after the player defeats Ultra Necrozma in the Ultra Megalopolis. All Pokemon who can be found in the Ultra Wormhole can be Shiny.

The most important thing is to change your controls from motion controls to circle pad, because it is much easier and less tiring to control the Pokemon you ride. The controls can be changed at the Game Freak office at Heahea city (on the second floor of the building next to the Dimensional Research Lab) by the Aether Foundation scientist next to the bookshelf.
 The second most important thing is to buy enough Pokeballs. I require at least 100 Ultra Balls, 150 Timer Balls (can be bought at the Thrifty Megamart near the Battle Royale Dome), 30-50 Quick Balls (can be bough at the Route 8 Pokecenter) and as much Master Balls as you can obtain.
 The next most important thing that you need is a Pokemon that knows the Move False Swipe (the TM is given by proffesor Kukui post-story). This move can't faint the opponent, but can leave it with minimum 1 HP, putting it to the catch HP range. I recommend Aegislash because of its great typing of Ghost and Steel who resist alot of Types, access to Swords Dance to boost its Attack stat, and access to King's Shield, a move who protects the user and drops the opponent's Attack stat harshly if contact has been made on the same turn the Move is used. Other good option is Breloom, since its also got access to Spore and Swords Dance.
 If you use Aegislash, have a Pokemon with Thunder Wave or Spore/Hypnosis in other slot of the Party, since the Status Effects they inflict on the opponent boosts the catch rate and makes the usage of PP smaller. There are alot of other Pokemon you can use if you have trouble obtaining these two, or work better for you.
Another important move is Heal Block, a move who prevents the opponent from using Healing moves. For it I recommend Silvally, since you can easily obtain a Type: Null and evolve it with high Friendship.
 Another thing you need is a bunch of Roto Catches who can be obtained via the Roto Lotto (they boost the Catch Rate when used in battle).

 The last recommended thing is the item Shiny Charm (A item, rewarded for filling the Alola Pokedex, who is given to you at the Game Freak Office). It increases the odds for a Shiny Pokemon to appear from 1/4096 to 1/1365.

When, after all the preparations, you enter Ultra Space you will first see alot of orange orbs. Collect as much as you can, since they boost your speed. Soon you will start coming across different wormholes and blue orbs filled with electricity. Avoid the blue orbs, since they remove speed equal to the speed you gain by collecting two orange orbs. As you get further, more blue orbs will appear and less orange orbs will do so. The wormholes will be either green, blue, red, yellow, and white and will look different the further you get.
Avoid white Wormholes, since they will always contain Ultra Beasts. You can tell a wormhole's rarity by its look. Wormholes with no rings around them are the most common type of wormholes and only have 1% chance to contain a Legendary Pokemon. Wormholes with one ring around them are the next by rarity and have 5% to contain a Legendary Pokemon. Wormholes with 2 rings around them are the next rarest and have 20% chance to contain a Legendary Pokemon, but the chance increases the further you get. The rarest type of wormhole are the wormholes with two rings and aura around them, and will always contain a Legendary Pokemon. They only appear after 2500 light years distance and are the type of Wormhole you will be looking for.

The color of the wormhole is very important as mentioned, since it depends what Pokemon appear in the wormhole. Here is the list of what Legendary Pokemon can appear in the different colors of wormholes:

 The red Wormhole will lead you to a area in the sky, which may contain:

- Articuno

[Image: articuno.gif]

- Zapdos
[Image: zapdos.gif]

- Moltres
[Image: moltres.gif]

- Cresselia
[Image: cresselia.gif]

- Ho-Oh (Ultra Sun only)
[Image: ho-oh.gif]

- Tornadus (Ultra Sun only)
[Image: tornadus.gif]

- Thundurus (Ultra Moon only)
[Image: thundurus.gif]

- Landorus (requires both Thundurus and Tornadus in your Party)
[Image: landorus.gif]

- Yveltal (Ultra Moon only)
[Image: yveltal.gif]

- Rayquaza (requires both Groudon and Kyogre in your Party)
[Image: rayquaza.gif]
 The green wormhole will lead you to a rocky area, which may contain:

 - Cobalion

[Image: cobalion.gif]

 - Virizion
[Image: virizion.gif]

 - Terrakion
[Image: terrakion.gif]

 - Mewtwo
[Image: mewtwo.gif]

 - Raikou (Ultra Sun only)
[Image: raikou.gif]

 - Xerneas (Ultra Sun only)

[Image: xerneas-active.gif]
 - Dialga (Ultra Sun only)
[Image: dialga.gif]

 - Reshiram (Ultra Sun only)
[Image: reshiram.gif]

 - Entei (Ultra Moon only)
[Image: entei.gif]

 - Zekrom (Ultra Moon only)
[Image: zekrom.gif]

The blue Wormhole will lead you to a lake with a waterfall, which may contain:

 - Azelf

[Image: azelf.gif]

 - Uxie
[Image: uxie.gif]

 - Mesprit
[Image: mesprit.gif]

 - Latios (Ultra Sun only)
[Image: latios.gif]

 - Latias (Ultra Moon only)
[Image: latias.gif]

 - Kyogre (Ultra Moon only)
[Image: kyogre.gif]

 - Lugia (Ultra Moon only)
[Image: lugia.gif]

 - Suicune  ( requires both Raikou and Entei in your Party )
[Image: suicune.gif]

 - Kyurem ( requires both Reshiram and Zekrom in your Party )
[Image: kyurem.gif]

The yellow Wormhole will lead you to a deep cave, which may contain:

 - Regirock

[Image: regirock.gif]
 - Regice
[Image: regice.gif]
 - Registeel
[Image: registeel.gif]
 - Groudon (Ultra Sun only)
[Image: groudon.gif]
 - Heatran (Ultra Sun only)
[Image: heatran.gif]
 - Palkia (Ultra Moon only)
[Image: palkia.gif]
 - Regigigas (Ultra Moon only)
[Image: regigigas.gif]

 - Giratina ( requires both Dialga and Palkia in your Party )
 [Image: giratina.gif]
Note: One of Giratina's Types is Ghost, so have a Pokemon with the Moves Foresight or Odor Sleuth, else False Swipe won't affect it.

When you find a Wormhole, who contains a Legendary Pokemon, after the message who tells you your distance, the screen will flash white and there will be a message that there is a mysterious presence. As you walk closer, you will hear the Pokemon's cry and see its silhouette. Get as close as you can to the pokemon before encountering it, and then save every step forward until you encounter it. If its not Shiny, you must soft reset the game by pressing the L button, the R button, and the start/select button. This will restart the game and when you load it again, you will be at the place you saved last- just before encountering the Pokemon if you did everything correctly. Then encounter it again, and if its not Shiny soft reset again. Repeat this method until you finally encounter it as a Shiny.

First, before finding the Shiny, battle normally the Pokemon and catch it. This will help you, because you will know what moves it has in the battle. Then you can keep reseting for the Shiny. Happily, the creators programmed all of the Legendary Pokemon to not have Moves who can cause the user to faint, like Lunar Dance or Take Down, so don't worry about recoil damage. However, some of the Pokemon know recovery Moves, so they can heal themselves and exit by the required HP range who makes them easier to catch. Some of these
Moves are status Moves, meaning you can prevent the Pokemon using them by using Heal Block, but some of them are HP draining attacking Moves, which are attacks who return the user HP, so it will be best to switch into a Pokemon that resist the attack's Type.
 Here's a list of the Pokemon that can heal themselves:

- Mewtwo has Recover  (use Heal Block)

- Latias has Wish (use Heal Block)

- Rayquaza has Rest (use Heal Block)

- Cresselia has Moonlight (use Heal Block)

- Virizion has Giga Drain (switch to a Pokemon that resists Grass-Type attacks)

- Xerneas has Horn Leech (switch to a Pokemon that resists Grass-Type attacks)

- Yveltal has Oblivion Wing (switch to a Pokemon that resists Flying-Type attacks)

When you finally encounter the Shiny, first throw a Quick Ball, since it has a 5x catch rate if it have been used on the first turn of the battle. If it fails to catch it,  Paralyze it or put it to Sleep (preferably), and then False Swipe it till its at red HP. If you have put it asleep instead of paralyzing it, put it to Sleep again every time it wakes up. When you get it to red HP and have inflicted status, start throwing Ultra Balls. After you have used 10 or more Ultra Balls and you haven't caught it, start throwing Timer Balls, who become more effective the longer is the battle, having a maximum 20% catch rate if the battle is longer than 20 turns.
 Keep throwing Timer Balls as they before more and more effective and most likely will catch the Pokemon, but if your Shiny really is stubborn and you think the battle got way too long and it will Struggle, throw a Master Ball, which will never fail.


  - Never bring a Golisopod. If its Emergency Exit Ability activates, you will run automatically from the Pokemon.

  - Regirock, Regice and Registeel have the smallest amount of PP of all of these Pokemon, two of them having 30 PP and one having 25 PP. If you don't want to risk a fail, throw your Master Ball instantly when you encounter the Shiny.

 - If you don't carry a Pokemon with False Swipe, never weaken the Shiny with moves who can Burn, Poison or Confuse, such as Flamethrower, Tri-Attack,  Water Pulse, Sludge Bomb, Ember, etc....

- Critical hits can occur anytime. If you are not weakening with False Swipe, don't risk a Crirical hit to occur and leave the Pokemon on yellow HP.

 - Always be careful when you are soft resetting. If you get distracted, you may accidentally reset over your Shiny, especially Regice since its almost impossible to notice if its Shiny straight away.

 - If you have captured Cobalion, you can use it as your False Swiper, because of its decent Defence, access to Swords Dance and Thunder Wave, and a typing of Steel and Fighting, who resists alot of types.

That was it about this guide. It's my first guide and I hope it helped. I'm sorry if there are any grammar errors/mistakes, since my English isn't that good. Anyway, thanks for reading and I wish you good luck
Smile !

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