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Gvng's Ghostly Breedject Center
Hi and welcome! Today I have the pleasure to bring you guys first at the BA some of my breedjects!  Angel

I am currently searching for any breedject I have not listed here!

*Note they have been breed with a giveaway 6IV Ditto from Youtube (I assume is Modified but have not clear way of telling but hey its 6 IV's so most likely lol)*
[Image: drampa.gif]
Adamant/Bold (Berserk or Sap Sipper) 4-5 IV's

[Image: latest?cb=20160628030329]
Jolly (Intimidate) 4 IV's

[Image: rockruff.gif]
Adamant (Keen Eye or Vital Spirit) 4 IV's and {1} 5 IV's

[Image: 155.gif]
4/5 IV's Random Natures 

[Image: 175.gif]
Modest (Hustle)  4/5 IV's

[Image: 137.gif]
Quiet (Trace*Working on Download as well*) 4/5 IV's

[Image: 092.gif]
Timid 4/5 IV's

[Image: latest?cb=20140126072746]
Adamant (Shed Skin, Marvel Scale) 4/5 IV's

[Image: 374.gif]
Adamant (Clear Body) 4/5 IV's

[Image: 058.gif]
Adamant *Egg Move* Morning Sun (Flash Fire) {Currently Breeding for Intimidate as well} 4/5 IV's

[Image: mareanie.gif]
Bold (Merciless, Regenerator) 4/5 IV's

[Image: 349.gif]
Modest (Swift Swim, Oblivious) 4/5 IV's

**Currently working on Marill as well so stay on the look out for that  Heart Blush **
Dont know what happened to sprites they where fine, i did a small edit them boom got blowned up  Huh Huh Huh

EDIT: Fixed thanks to @BoneheadMarowak
@Gvng Yeah, for some reason since early this year, some sprites do that randomly. Try using sprites from, here's an example for Gastly:
Feel free to post your favorite Pokémon FanArt here ϞϞ(๑⚈ ․̫ ⚈๑)∩
Oh niceee! Thanks @BoneheadMarowak i will be updating the sprites with the ones from the site you gave me thank you so much!
No problem @Gvng! Smile  Glad I could help!
Feel free to post your favorite Pokémon FanArt here ϞϞ(๑⚈ ․̫ ⚈๑)∩
I'll trade for mareanie with regen.
What do you have to offer @sugaahboy?
(Dec 6, 2016, 08:24 PM)Gvng Wrote: What do you have to offer @sugaahboy?

alolan vulpix with HA and 4 ivs with moonblast as well. I have other stuff as well, if you are interested.
@Gvng you accidentally made a duplicate of this thread, i have gone and merged these two thread two thread, just try and keep a look out incase it happens again :D
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@sugaahboy I already have a BR Alolan Ninetails with snow warning and most EM, anything else man?

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