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Gvng's Ghostly Breedject Center
I would like to trade for a regenerator mareanie. I can offer a 5IV HA Geodude in exchange.

i also have:
5IV chansey natural cure breedjects
5IV snorlax immunity
5IV Mimikyu
@Markus Hi, I already have HA Geodude but i am interested in the Chansey
@Gvng sure i just added your FC. add me and i will send you a chansey.
@Murkus Im sorry bro was away due to some family stuff, when ever you want we can do the trade just send me a PM and we can arrange it
Can I trade a swift swim poliwag for a regenerator mareanie? It's a female 5 IV adamant poliwag.
yo want trade my cranidos?
hey i'm interested in a 5 iv dratini with HA. the breedjects i have are: scyther, ha cubone, non-ha cubone, wingul, HA vulpix, gible. i also have other ha's without 5 ivs including exeggcute and abra. lmk if any interest you!
Need a 5 Iv Froakie HA

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