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Hello again, Naturally.
Hello all, I have made a better intro and I felt like I tried too hard the first time, so here I am again!

I am Kayne and I love Pokemon! I have made a little bio about myself, so I hope you enjoy it!
I am also working on something super special, so I hope we will all stick around long enough to see it form into reality!

I enjoy Pokemon and Gorillaz. I've been playing Pokemon since I was 7, my first game being Ruby. Mudkip, Skitty, Ralts, and Eevee will always be my go-to Pokemon. I have a modded Emerald, Ruby, Glazed, Black, and Diamond. I have not caught my own shiny yet, but I have gone shiny hunting in Pokemon X. If you are looking to trade or battle, pm me. 

One last question: How do I becomed a 'registered user'?

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Welcome :D I am new-ish myself @Newdll
(Apr 11, 2018, 10:15 AM)Sithogryph Wrote: Welcome :D I am new-ish myself @Newdll

Nice to meet ya! Tongue

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You too :D
'Registered user'? If you mean a trusted user then you need 16, 18-ish reputation.
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(Apr 11, 2018, 10:42 AM)TheAlmightySancho Wrote: 'Registered user'? If you mean a trusted user then you need 16, 18-ish reputation.

Okay! Thank you! (^w^)

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@Newdll Welcome to the forums Smile
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Hello there!
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@Newdll Nice to meet you!  Smile

PS: I loved that Flareon profile picture of yours!
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(Apr 11, 2018, 02:41 PM)stephenWITNESS Wrote: @Newdll Welcome to the forums Smile

Thank you so much!
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